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Framing scenic views of the Sourland Mountain range, boasts 25 beautiful acres of preserved farmland and 13 acres of rolling vineyards. Planted in 1979, these vines were the first to produce wine under the New Jersey Farm Act of 1981 (the legislation that continues to facilitate New Jersey’s growth into a booming wine region) . Amidst these fields of established vines sit three new and newly renovated estate buildings that offer guests a broad range of winery experiences.

Upon entering the vineyard, after passing the iconic corkscrew sculpture installation and driving along rows of Marcel Foch vines, guests first encounter the Tank Room. This is the building where the wine is made and features a large glass facade revealing the 1,000-gallon steal tanks within. Weekend Vineyard & Tank Room tours provide insight into the process by which the vines are cared for, their fruit harvested, fermented, then bottled as fine wine..
A wine tasting party is a fun way to enjoy and discover different types of wines within a relaxed social setting.
These can occur at wineries (NJ wineries, woowoo!), which usually have established certain easy guidelines for visitors to make their tasting as easy and educational as possible, or they can always happen as DIY tastings at home, or more officially at a wine club (for those who want to take it up a notch…).

Wine Tastings at Local Wineries
Winery wine tasting events provide visitors with the chance to learn about wines produced at the winery from the winery’s staff or winemaker.
It’s also the perfect opportunity to sample a variety of wines to decide which one suits your tastes, or which one would be the best fit for an upcoming special occassion or gift.
Winery staff are well versed with the wines they serve.
They can help you understand the differences in the wines you’ll taste, and often make great suggestions after getting to know your tastes and preferences.
At Hopewell Valley Vineyards, we’re open for drop-in wine tastings from 12-5PM every day of the week.
Even though we usually have an assortment of other winery events happening after 5PM on weekends, we stop wine tastings after five.
Reason beinging that to truly enjoy a wine tasting, a relaxed and informative conversation must take place, beyond merely tasting the wines.
It’s the unique chance to ask questions about how the wine is made, what foods pair well with wine, etc, etc.
These may be reds, whites or rosés.
The tasting may be part of another larger event. Some, such as Four Sisters Winery in New Jersey and others, pair wine tastings with dinner events.
Some wine tasting parties are part of a festival.
In this instance, you are part of a group of people who have a common interest – wine.
My personal favorite however, is to host a wine tasting party at home. Doing so will allow friends of all types to discover wine.


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Amazing Views

Beyond the Tank Room on the left side lies the Vista Room. This 1,100 square foot facility houses our featured artist exhibits and indoor picnic area, but is mainly reserved for private events. Featuring a wall of windows and massive deck, the Vista Room offers exquisite vineyard views, possibly the best the winery has to offer.

Directly across from the Vista Room stands the Tasting Room. Here guests can experience wine guided by friendly and experienced wine servers, peruse the gift shop of local artisanal products and wine accessories, or sit outside on the patio to enjoy the scenery with a picnic and a bottle of wine.